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Something’s not right

New Contributor

What can be done if anything?

My Aunty is 68 years old and has schizophrenia. She lives alone and her condition is gradually deteriorating. She has her meds in a Webster pack but rarely takes them. She has many other health problems and is incapable managing them, let alone perform tasks such as cooking, cleaning or basic hygiene, maintain personal safety.


A few years ago she was admitted to hospital and the staff discussed having her placed in an age care home. Understandably she did not want to go and luckily during the same admission underwent successful ECT enabling her to be discharged home.


I feel like her condition has once again deteriorated to a point that she is unable to care for herself. My mother who is her main support is unable to do anymore for her than she currently does.


What should she do now?

My mother feels she needs to go to age care but can that happen if my Aunty refuses? 


Re: What can be done if anything?

Hey @Purple_monkey  thanks so much for posting. I am really sorry to hear about the ups and downs with your Aunty, as you mentioned there's only so much capacity your Mum can have to support her. It's important you feel there's options for you as a support person;  some strategies and some avenues for change Heart


We had a Carers Topic Tues here that might provide some info for you in regards to different forms of services and access. In addition I would recommend giving our help centre a call to chat with one of the counsellors for more tailored referrals/support. The SANE Help Centre is open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm on 1800 18 7263. 


Do you have your own support person that helps you to work through some of the concerns about your aunty, a counsellor or close friend who you can bounce your own self care ideas off?

For urgent assistance, call: