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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Help please

Hi all,


I am trying to find out what the best involuntary option for my brother is.

In summary, my brother has a history of mental illness which he has been both hospitalised and involuntarily institutionalised for in the past. However, for at least the last 6+ years he has not taken medication and has actively been taking hallucinogenic illicit drugs.

On top of this we lost our mum to cancer 4 years ago which has amplified his drug taking.


I am reaching out for help for my Father and my Sister who are now at their limits with how to cope with his increasingly arrogant, selfish and destructive behaviour, not only to himself but towards them.


He has openly admitted that he is addicted to drugs but is delusional in thinking that the drugs help him. 


I have looked up involuntary rehab and there doesn’t seem to be an option unless he is an immediate risk to himself or others? 

Is there any help for someone who won’t stop taking illicit drugs, won’t listen to his family and is NOT an immediate (24-48hr) threat to himself or others? 


Thank you so much 



Re: Help please

@Tryingtosupport  Hi Tryingtosupport and welcome to the forums. Cutting to the chase the answer is no. Unless the person is a danger to himself or others there is nothing you can really do other than be there for them when their world comes crashing down which it will sooner or later. 


Support form your trusted gp would be a good place to start. He/she may have ideas on how you can deal with your brother's problems. Carers Australia is a good organisation to contact for support. Sorry I cannot be of more help. greenpea

Re: Help please

Thank you for your reply.


I was hoping there might be something I could do to help but it seems we can’t do anything until my brother is at the lowest low.


Thank you once again for replying.

Re: Help please


As @greenpea  mentioned, whilst your hands are tied in relation to your brother, getting support for the family can make a huge difference.  Carers Australia are are good starting point along with the Aust Gov Carer Gateway website. There are a number of mental health support services that also cater for carers.

Re: Help please


The help I am referring to includes learning what support services are available for when Bro accepts help, how the family can best support when he does get help,  how to handle requests for money, recognising when hospitalisation is needed (vital signs), learning how to not take the bait when excuses are given, but picking up on cues that he mentions that you can use to help motivate him to get help.

Re: Help please

Thank you for replying.

I definitely think support for my Dad and Sister is needed, not only because on its own this is such a stressful situation but it’s added ontop of loosing Mum too.

I am going to get in contact with them today and organise some counselling sessions.

Thank you so much for your help

Re: Help please

I have found myself in this position with my son. I couldn’t get any assistance. He was getting drug counselling . He had an accident. Severe brain injury . Been on a mental illness/ drug/ recovery ever since. I became so worried about his mental state I wrote to the health ombudsman . I made a plea for help because his treating team were not in my opinion treating . I forwarded them the email. 6 months later he’s in a better position than he’s been in a long time. NDIS are now involved, a psychologist, actual monitoring from metro south treating team.  He was in psychosis more often than not but the psychiatrist didn’t see it.  Don’t give up . Worst case scenario nothing happens. I notified histrwating team with a cc of the email complaint . Lack of care. Missed opportunities, misdiagnosis. Go to his treating team let them know you have had enough. You will go higher. It’s a catch 22 with all their choices they are allowed 😥

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