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New Contributor

new here.

Hi all.i am new and wanted to share. How do you deal with or cope when one of your siblings who is married to a narcissist. My sibling has not be in touch due to his wife who currently is pregnant as well. I have had a list of negative projections sent to me about why I am so bad. Basically a character assassination. They have been married less than 4mths and in that time I have only seen them maybe 3 times and I have had complaints. Just seems impossible to reason with her or him as they seem to have a highly dysfunctional relationship and expecting their first child.Smiley Sad

Community Manager

Re: new here.

Hi @Hopenfaith,


Welcome to the forums! Apologies that a response has not come up sooner. It is so great that you have reached our here. It's not always each to get into a new space like an online community and share your story so thank you for your vulnerability. 


This sounds like an upsetting situation - have you been able to speak to your sibling alone to possibly explain how you are feeling and try to reconnect a bit? Or is that not very welcomed at the moment? Is there anymore family that could perhaps help to get reconnected a bit more?


Keep reaching out - more peers will come through soon to offer more support too!

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