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Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Hello all, @Shaz51 @Darcy @Jay-e 

Mr Jones says the same thing, he says he is a loser but holds so much compassion for other people in his similar situiaton. Mr Jones jokes about his illness alot, sometimes I can handle it but some others I dont deak with it very well. Not always something to joke about. 


An update on the Jones household; Mr Jones came home on Wednesday after being away for a total of 10 weeks. He is feeling well and has a great plan moving forward, once again abstaining from alcohol will be the hardest. He is seeing his psychiatrist on Monday, he has some questions about the medication choices. He is focusing on going to the gym, taking the dog for a walk, reading and doing meditiation every day. 

I have 6 weeks until I go back to work, with Mr Jones being the stay at home dad role for our family. The connection between him and our daughter is working itself out over the past few days which is beautiful to see, and so far do not see any issue with this so far. 

Mr Jones has very poor memory, huge impact from the ECT treatments but also doesnt remember alot from depressive episodes (similar to Mr Darcy). 


Does anyone have experiance with claiming income insurance? Mr Jones has put in a claim and has provided letters from doctors stating his inabilty to work due to illness, also supplied discharge reports and so on. Advice from his support network of professionals say that they do not see any reason as to why the claim will be rejected. Fingers crossed as the 1 income is becoming a struggle. Mr Jones is not able to claim disability pension due to my income.  


I hope you are all well. 

Mrs Jones

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Good morning @Shaz51 

Have  a brother and niece visiting, busy times.

@Mrsjones I don't have any experience re: insurance claiming, hope it goes ok.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

hello and hugs @Darcy , @Mrsjones , @Jay-e , @outlander , @Determined 

after my fasting and ultrs scan this aftheroon

Mr Shaz is talking all about his anxiety, fears, disappointments etccccc

I am tired but

mr shaz is still going on and on about his MI , he wanted more info about bipolar and bipolar 11 ------ awwwwww

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

ohhhhhh @Darcy , @Mrsjones , @Jay-e , @outlander , @Determined 

after today , I am wishing mr shaz would stop talking about his bipolar 11 xxxx

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii


When I began talking in a positive way with regard to living well in spite of a diagnosis and doing what we can to manage it, Mr D did have a good grump about this which I just ignored as I understand it takes a looong time for them to come back after their attempts but I did empathise and stress that it takes ongoing management which did  start doing (although no longer sees therapist)  Ask I know you do, I gently encourage when he does things (survived another night of his dreadful cooking for tea - but hey, he tries). I figure Mr D talks so rarely about it, that l do listen and observe.... will (re ?)tag you in talk re BP - would the swashbuckler be amenable to watching it?

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Shaz51 @Darcy @Mrsjones @outlander @Determined it can be tiring can't it, when we're going through our own crap as well. Big hugs @Shaz51 I hope you get some well deserved rest.

I have my first counselling appointment tomorrow, feeling apprehensive and have had thoughts of "things are good at the moment, maybe I won't worry about it" but then I check myself and I know that a) it won't always be good but when it is might be the best time for me to improve my coping skills so I can deal better when there is a down cycle; b) I should model good behaviour around managing my anxiety in both good and bad times.

Hope you guys are all doing well today xx


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii



I feel preventative therapy is good therapy, getting into good habits to manage our own mental health and as you allude to, foster resilience for the not so good times. A bit like servicing the car regularly rather than only having it attended to when it breaks down. 


The way I responded to our crisis was textbook stuff for people who had experienced similar life events to what I have and as a result my counselor was able to help me enormously in other aspects of life, even though in many ways it as very much linked to Mr D's MI.  I am in the process of finding a new counselor (but have been able to tap into limited counselling with the carer gateway) as I really feel it important to have those maintenance sessions.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

@Darcy that's a great point, my anxiety is my own issue to work on but is triggered severely at times by the symptoms of MsJ's down cycles. It all links together somehow doesn't it?!


Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

It is all interlinked  @Jay-e 

I know Mr Darcy blamed himself for me needing to see a therapist as he feels if he hadn't attempted that it would not have been necessary. Yes, I did start getting counseling after this but it very quickly moved away from becoming about him and have reassured him that it has been helpful for me in relation to other life matters.  Again, along the way the process was interlinked with other life events and I guess that I had the desire to change things about myself that were beginning to happen that I did not like (I did not want to become bitter). Over time there has been a noticeable marked reduction the anxiety I have felt.  For me it was a bit like exercise - after one session at the gym expecting immediate signs of muscle tone is  unrealistic - but with sustained effort this begins to happen and friends began start noticing that things were gradually changing, I was laughing more and I did get comments as to how much better I was managing. Got over the hump in my grief where I could stop talking about what had happened and began taking an interest in other areas of life.

Re: My life partner has Bipolar ii

Thank you @Darcy , @Jay-e , @Mrsjones , @Determined 

I actually like Mr shaz talking about his bipolar 11, he and I are understanding more which is good  

He would never tell me anything before 

Mr shaz blames himself too for all my problems

Last night he even wanted me to open a new thread on here  and write everything he said on it OK

After dinner I was already to start a thread and then he has kinda changed his mind

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