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Re: Caring4Corny



Re: Caring4Corny

That's ok @Corny def no expectations to keep up. thanks for caring. no its not been smooth sailing, have a review with the surgeon on Monday to see what the next step is. may need more surgery yet to correct the complications and/or do some more removals etc.
the surgeon is pretty good shame shes 2 hrs from me though so quite a hike every time I need to see her.
mental health professionals are lacking but atm im abit over it and just want to drift away from those supports. not all that helpful but atm their support hasn't been the most helpful to me anyway.

How have you been? How are you adjusting to normality since your previous hospital admission?

Re: Caring4Corny

Thank you for the lovely pic @Maggie , I have had some storm clouds this year, and I have been feeling like I could topple over any second, but I've have managed to hang on and hide under my little umbrella. 


Thanks @outlander. Glad to hear that you are going back to the doctor this week. The 2hr drive is hard, there and back, services are so low to non existent in regional Australia. I hope that you received a resolution or at least a way forward. I think when our mental health isn't the best our ability to heal from illness and operations are a little slower than we would like, and our brain doesn't really process pain so well.


I am not too bad, I have some side effects that need attending to and it requires another admission unfortunately at the beginning of December, so as you can imagine I am feeling a little weary of hospital but I know that I have to go, and having other tests available all in the one spot is best. 


Hi @Shaz51 @Sherry and anyone else reading along. I hope that you are both well and safe. I can hear the wind really picking up again out there.


Corny Heart 

Re: Caring4Corny

Re: Caring4Corny

Checking in @Corny 

A little something for you:

download (5).jpg



Re: Caring4Corny

Hi @Corny ... I have been keeping up with how you're doing here.  Just not responding much.  

Ha ha @Darcy ... love the CORNetto pic, as I'm sure Corny will too.

Hello @Shaz51 @outlander @Maggie 


Anyway just a quick one this morning Corny ... wanted to make sure you are continuing to take care of corny ... you are #1.


Sherry 💕😊



In classical antiquity, the cornucopia (also called the horn of plenty) was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.  Here is a little gift from me to you.

Image result for cornucopia


Re: Caring4Corny

A gluten free Cornetto, why thank you @Darcy too kind! The only ice cream/gelato like desserts I can eat have to be vegan and gluten free.....because of the dairy unfortunately....but being in Sydney vegan is on the rise, only thing is, it is so expensive, so its not something I buy. And it can be sickly sweet to compensate for the flavours from animals fats. 


I hope that you are able to tinker in the garden this weekend.


Cornice Smiley Wink

Re: Caring4Corny

Thank you Sweet @Sherry I am trying to soak in the joys of privacy & the comfort of my little unit as I am going back to hospital next week or the week after. I am cocooned in my cubby retreating with a slow cook on the stove and some movies and looking up some new recipes I would like to try.


I am an early riser so maybe I was the gatherer of the tribe and the nurturer, while you kept the fire going at base camp eh Smiley Wink


I hope that you are safe in this bush fire season. I knew it would be a bad one this year, doesn't help having a climate change denialist as a PM, so embarrassing 


Corny Heart


Re: Caring4Corny

I borrowed this chef's cookbooks from the library @Darcy that I have mentioned to you before, but Sant delivered me 2 last Christmas in my stocking. He had a show on SBS or ABC about 5 years ago in Jerusalem..


If you're looking for some meat free meals he has some great veggie combos. I found this one today, I think I would like to try the 2nd one but remove the pearl barley to make it GF!




Still haven't perfected my falafel recipe but I am going to try adding a different type of bean like the Egyptians do.....gardening and cooking is all about patience and trying again or miing it up!


Corny Smiley Very Happy

Re: Caring4Corny



@Corny 🌽💕

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