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self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

Hello Everyone Smiley LOLSmiley LOL

Saw a Dietician yesterday --  and she talked about Self care -- Food, salt, sugar and water 

How much water do you drink a day ??

How much salt do you have a day ??

Sugar -- how much a day ?? do you have fruit and veges everyday , salad

she has challenged us to eat mor heathlier in the month of Apri

Who is going to join me or have some wonderful hints and tips to share

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Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

Hi @Shaz51 - great idea. I normally eat very healthily but found myself indulging a bit lately due to stress. Not going to be easy with Easter this month but I'm in.

Drinking only water and herbal tea.

No processed food.

Lots of fruit and veges

Whole grains 

Lean meat and other protein sources such as beans, eggs and tofu.


A little bit of slack if I'm eating out. 

Getting 10000+ steps of walking in every day.


Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

hello @Shaz51

I will join the group.

i have started eating too many sugary foods. I will  cut down on my sugar intake.

I dont add salt to most foods, dont use it in cooking.

water i do drink lots but find myself forgetting when feeling unwell. so will concentrate on that.

vegetables and fruit same when travelling ok eat lots, when declining health dont have energy.

so my self care will be keep a journal of my food, salt, sugar, water intake daily.

what are your goals Shaz?


Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water


Count me in. A new month so as good a time as any for an overhaul.

My diet is pretty healthy but I intend to cut out processed food as much as possible save for the occasional treat or when dining out. Lots of water and herbal tea. Fruit and veges. Lean meat and meat alternatives. Whole grains. Yoghurt. 

As well as walking my 10000 steps a day, I am including more exercise. If you're looking for alternatives to the gym, I can recommend Qi Gong. I do it by following a DVD I bought  years ago. Just started up again today and didn't realise how much tension my body was holding.

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

Sorry about the repetitive posts. Had some technical difficulties but seems to be all working fine now.

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

That will be great @soul, @Former-Member Smiley LOL

that is a good idea @Former-Member, about keeping a food diary

For me , she wants me to drink more water

less sugar in my tea , and less coffee

eat more fruit even if it is tin fruit of fresh

Oh @Darcy, I don`t buy ice cream anymore as my hubby will eat it all in no time

well today , i went to the shop to buy some salad and ham for lunch and then I made a mistake of going to the bakery to buy bread -- he he and came out with something not sooo healthy --ooops

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

How are you going Today @soul, @Former-Member for the ist day

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

Am having a bowl of frozen berries for afternoon tea @Shaz51. Hope that meets with approval from your dietician.

Re: self care -- Food, Salt , Sugar , Water

@Shaz51 - doing well. Having cleansing detox smoothies. And exercising gently. 

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