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Looking after ourselves

Casual Contributor


Hi all - Just wanted to say thankyou - I have only responded twice to posts but I am on this forum most days and it has helped me personally so much. Just knowing others are there for you is worth everything.  So thankyou and keep strong.

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Re: Thankyou

Hi @sharnie 

Thanks for your lovely post. I am so pleased that you have gained such wonderful support and comfort from the many beautiful caring people here on Sane.


I agree with you totally. It means a lot to know someone is listening and is there for us when needed. @Darcy @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 


Thank you for taking the time to post this message @sharnie 


I do hope you too are remaining strong. One more thing ... it matters not, how often or when you decide to post or respond. These forums are for all of us and someone is always around.


Sherry  💜


Re: Thankyou

Thanks for your lovely post. @sharnie Heart

and we are here for you as you are here for us xx

going forward together @Former-Member , @sharnie 


Re: Thankyou

Hi @sharnie we are all connected with no separation between any of us at all. We are, and will be here for each other. 


Community Builder

Re: Thankyou

Those are such kind words @sharnieHeart How are you going today?  


Re: Thankyou

Hello @sharnie , @Alchemist , @Former-Member 

thinking of you lots today @sharnie 

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