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Looking after ourselves


Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

Good morning @Darcy 

going back to page 1 puting my thinking cap on 

I know one thing -- just looking around my environment i would love to start doing things to make it look even better 

sadly the op shops are shut and no dumps open so that is kind of stopping me in continueing 

but i can reorganise things 

another hic cup is no encouragement from my mr shaz who is happy to do nothing now 



Re: 8 dimensions of wellness


Problems = 

Lack of encouragement/ assistance

Op shop + tip.closed


Can you think of some potential solutions around this?



Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

the first one Environmental wellness covers a lot in itself @Darcy Smiley Happy

It can include;

  • Financial resources
    Freedom, physical safety and security.
    Health and social care; accessibility and quality
    Home environment
    Opportunities for acquiring new information and skills.
    Participation and opportunities for recreation/leisure activities.
    Physical environment (pollution, noise, traffic and climate). ( Reference 4)

can do the cleaning and rearranging 

rubbish can go in the bin 

garden  cleanup can go in the trailer 

ha ha on a roll here now @Darcy 

Smiley LOL mr shaz just made me a cup of coffee 



Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

@Shaz51 @Darcy 

You both know I have loved this thread.  Great food for thought and listing things and checking boxes.


@ScooI am glad you were raised in a productive Christian environment and are progressive AND are honest enough to mention and apologise for the misuse of christianity in serious abuse situations.  I am one who has grappled with all those issues.  Thank you.



I am turning to local groups atm ... tho it has been moved to online due to the C virus.  Have you heard of things like the Transition movement... I am finding in last 10 years a lot of groups have began in my local area ... which I like ... giving my suburb a much better feel than it had 10 years ago when I felt I had to travel across town for good events after bumping my nose against hard unrelenting people. 



Yes it gets lonely.  Sending virtual strength to you. Pity about real life.


For a joke

and how messy and complicated things can get ... 


Great Mr shaz can make a cuppa

Smiley Happy

Yes there is the inner and outer world.




Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

@Dizzyizzy, this is a interesting thread my friend 


Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

Thanks heaps @Shaz51 💖


Re: 8 dimensions of wellness

Hello @547@B_01@OMG12@Romi@Jo 

this is a great thread to have a look at 



Re: 8 dimensions of wellness


You might find this helpful, need to start from.the first post to get context.

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