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  • Author : Darcy
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

You are doing what you can from a distance. I am sure the mods have given you good advice. If necessary you could speak to her folks about removing means etc.

It will be hard but you will need to get some rest yourself, try and do this as it is an emotionally draining time.

It is very difficult coming to terms that the ones we love do have a disorder that can be terminal by way of self harm even if adequately treated. CATT are probably aware of her feelings in relation to hospital and are possibly wanting her to distract herself.

It is a shame that she does not feel supported by her parents, as she lives with them I would imagine that there must be some level of care there. Family psych education can help in that regard.

Time for me to get some sleep now, will check in with you tomorrow.


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