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  • Author : Mother-in-need
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  • Topic : Something’s not right

Hi Greanpea. Thank you for your reply. It must be awful trying to cope in your situation with both you and your son suffering mental illness and something as nasty as these rather serious ones. I am not angry with my son just frustrated not knowing how to deal with this as outside the family he has not had any ongoing support and he has always asked us for help with things. He has become a lot more independant but at least we still had some idea of how he was coping which will cease once he is off the CTO. 

I too have to swallow very toxic drugs due to a rare autoimmune disorder. I could be stinking mad as well. If I don't swallow the drugs I will most likely have total relief from all my worries as it will lead to an early grave. I just don't know who to be angry with! So I accept the situation. I know it is harder to accept when your mind is unwell but there are so many on this earth who have to put up with horrible things and so I feel swallowing some nasty toxic medication that keeps us reasonably well is just one of those things we have to live with. I am so thankful there are drugs that keep us living and keep us out of permanently locked institutions or hospitals for that matter. So many on earth can't even get treatment. 

I feel for you. Thanks for sharing. I have incredible empathy for your situation and for that of our sons. I just worry that he is vulnerable and by cutting himself totally off from friends and family he can easily be manipulatedSmiley Sad

Take care. You are doing very well and I pray your anger settles when you think about the alternatives without the drugs. Yes they keep you out of hospital ... and that is great ... but they probably also make it easier for you to look after your son. Smiley Sad

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