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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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@Mother-in-need @Kasey13  Hi ladies I have a son with multiple diagnosis one of which is schizophrenia and I also have schizoaffective disorder.  I can look at it at both perspectives.  At the moment I am feeling extreme anger at having to take my medications because of the fear of being put back in hospital. It is an awful feeling of losing control over ones self and having others in control over your life. The thought of hospital horrifies me and keeps me taking my meds and I hate it all.


My son2 is in exactly the same position. He takes his medications to stay well and out of hospital. Luckily for me he is very compliant and is not experiencing the same anger that I am regarding his medications. 


All I can say is try and put yourselves into the position of your children and see how all this anger has to be directed somewhere and the first point of call is the parents. It is nothing personal it is just an awful feeling for the person with the mi to experience and one that is all too common. I hope this helps. greenpeax

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