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  • Author : Mother-in-need
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  • Topic : Something’s not right

Dear Casey. I am sorry you are in the same boat Smiley Sad I don't hold our son responsible for what is happening as it is the illness causing this. I just find it difficult to stop worrying even though I know worry is also useless. So far it has always been his family who have made sure he is safe. Right now he has medical staff checking on him and also helping him with practical things. It's once he comes off the CTO that he will be left to his own devices and be vulnerable. My fear is that this "belief" he has adopted that his mother wants to lock him up and tried to poison him (after we dropped off some food for him he became ill ... as it was food we too ate we know it wasn't the food but he must have picked up food poisoning from something else he ate) will become a totally entrenched delusion that he won't snap out of. 

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