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I've tried speaking to her parents. I think they more pushing for her to get the kids and move back to our country as they didn't approve us coming here in the first place. Her mom even prayed so that we can't get our Visa's.. So my kids are on a no fly list and I have their passports at the moment. I noticed she did try and find it when she was packing up stuff when she left but her time ran out as she was told to hurry up. Just glad I got the passports at least.


If only I knew if the phyciatrist diagnosed her with BPD or Bipolar I could try and help but I have no idea what is going on and what her plans are. This morning she was kind of open to Mediation and a few minutes later just stating I don't put the kids first and I'm lying and I don't have money for a lawyer. I want to go to Family court but I can't do that without a certificate from mediation and the waiting list seems to be like 3 weeks before I can get a appointment. Even then they still need to contact/email her and wait a week to respond. If she doesn't then only I can get a certificate for family court.


She has left the kids in my care several times and just vanished for a day or two not even asking how they doing. She tried to commit suicide and self harm. She's the one putting us into financial trouble but somehow I'm being the bad guy and the children are kept from me. I have no idea how this is even allowed Smiley Sad  I'm starting to think maybe Australia shouldn't have been the place to come Smiley Sad

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