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Hi, Im the same. Not sure where to start.

I was dianosed with PTSD after years of IVF. Got a point in my life where I felt incomplete because I couldnt be a father like everyone else. After having thoughts of suicide I knew I had to get help. I was one of the lucky ones!!

Been dealing with anxiety and depression for the last 25 years. 

After having two great kids and dealing with the normal life issues I had a motorcycle accident that almost killed me. A ruptured spleen and by time I got to hospital I had about 15 minutes left before not being here.

Then my family packed up and left town without any reason given or notice. My father, sister and brother inlaw which left a huge hole in my kids lives with no reason given.

Then my wife developed a gastro desease in which she had her large bowel removed. High levels of steroids left me running interference between my wife and the kids due to the roid rage and mood swings. 

Now my father inlaw has dementia which has all the effects being impacted on everyone around him.

my wife an I had a huge fight just recently in the two drive home which left me battling my depression and anger. This is the blackest Ive ever felt in which I struggled to gain control. 

Sorry for the rant, not often I get an opportunity to let this out. I have so much crap going through my head I left trying to analyse it and come up with an answer.

I know what needs to be done but sometimes it's easier to run with the black friend I know so well.

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