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Good NDIS support coordinators in Sydney with mental health (schizophrenia) experience?


I'm carer for a family member suffering from schizophrenia.

I've got them registered on the NDIS and managed to get "support coordination" included in the NDIS plan.

Support coordinators help 'customers' and carers implement their plan by finding service providers for various parts of the plan to meet the various goals.

I used the NDIS service providers portal and 68 are available within 5 km radius of our home. Almost none of the names of these service providers indicates what disability they have experience in. As I go through the website of each service provider, again, almost none of them indicate which disabilities they are experienced in. So I started sending messages through their online enquiry forms outlining the disbaility and whether they could support us with experience. And, of course, they all replied in the affirmative. So now I have to go meet all of them and try and figure out which one has experience with our disability and would suits us best.

That's a lot of work and driving! So just finding the right support coordinator feels like very hard work over the work load with the day-to-day stuff.

Anyone who has experienced this or solved this puzzle for a more efficient way to find an NDIS support coordinator for mental health NDIS plan?


Thank you in advance for any advice/feedback


Re: Good NDIS support coordinators in Sydney with mental health (schizophrenia) experience?

Hello @ajbhai 


The person I care for does not have the NDIS so I cannot vouch for any particular service and believe community guidelines do not allow this but there are a number of specific mental health support services that  due to govt funding changes have gone down the NDIS pathway, some have free govt funded carer support/ education.


Carers NSW has a list


The list provides links to services such as these:


One Door (previously NSW Schizophrenia Fellowship)


Wellways  (??previously Arafmi)


Flourish (previously Richmond Fellowship)


A few of these organisations like these have partnered with Sane and have links to the forums - I don't know if the team at the Sane help centre 1800 18 7263 offer specific information or advice about them but could be worth a try. 


Re: Good NDIS support coordinators in Sydney with mental health (schizophrenia) experience?

Thanks very much @Darcy !

I contacted Flourish and One Door and they provide NDIS suport coordination.

The Carer's link was also very helpful.

Thanks alot!


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