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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

what next ??

if this isnt the right spot please remove.


its not right that one person should have to care for 4 adult disabled/dying family members on thier own. its not right that a 68 yo woman with a history of strokes has a severe fall and gets no decent medical care,. its not right that drug addicts and alcoholics are free to do as they please to whom ever they please. its not right that after caring for all for nearly 40 years carers end up in a ratbag rental with no support. its not right that the government gets away with playing God with peoples lives.  the system creates the suicide rate etc its just not right


Re: what next ??

Hey there @tisme, thank you so much for posting and sharing what you've been experiencing lately.


You're right all of those things are very hard, and seem super unjust no doubt. I am guessing this is the experience you're currently going through caring for a few people? Have you got any support as a carer at all, are there any services that you're linked in with etc? We're here to listen as you need Heart


There's a fair few resources here too just in case you haven't come across this yet.

Re: what next ??

no i have had and have no support , i didnt qualify, I have hopes ( ha ha ) for the NDIS to give some help 

Re: what next ??

The carer gateway also has links to services depending on nature of disabilities.


This allows you to refine search.

Re: what next ??

Hi @tisme

Carers Australia offers free support and is not linked to NDIS.

Re: what next ??

i need support that is more than just talk and no one seems to do that , at a price I can afford. all my pittance went on yesterdays rent

Re: what next ??

If you could clarify what type of supports you are looking for @tisme others who have had similar issues might be able to respond as to how they were able to manage them. 


Carers Australia can give practical help in relation to NDIS application as do some mental health support groups who also offer both carer support and peer support. 


I do not know what is available through the neurological side of things but in mental health, social work support is available. 

Re: what next ??

i need someone to come in and help me down size all our stuff. i know we got too much but i just dont know what ( centacare has an organisation that does it but that is in south brisbane and im north.  i need to get to physio and psych appointments but I cant get there.     for starters 

Re: what next ??



Hopefully other carers might know of supports that might help you in relation to your transport and decluttering needs.


It sounds as though you are at your wits end in relation to your situation and feeling quite burned out.  Would you like to tell us a little more about the people you care for? support groups such as Wellways might know of  local  supports available. They have a govt funded 'partners in recovery' that may be of help.


I am assuming that when you said you 'did not qualify' you meant for 'my aged care'.


Re: what next ??

seems like ive been caring for most of my life, the caring becoming more intense and full time as I got older.  daughter now 34 autistic /blind in one eye /deaf in one ear /deformed feet.(thank god for nanas mastercard, so much for what the government is supposed to provide.)  the fights and battles started from grade one yes she is intelligent "but" she has weaknesses that need help that she never got. she lives with me and is intelligent but not 34.  dad with his alcoholism and bipolar.  mum with her bipolar, history of strokes , ( the time she slipped over fencing wire and hit the ground is a long story of neglect and fights and battles  she relied on me in so many ways. especially the last years  as she developed dementia /and an aneurysm. fights and battles with realtors which i lost as tenants have no rights.  brother  who had a life long drug addiction , the lies , the stealing then his throat cancer, car crash,  then he died from pancreatic cancer.   there is just me and daughter now in a house that takes nearly all my pittance. my health is failing, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis , bipolar with severe depression. etc etc etc . i sit here tired beyond lack of sleep  all these years of caring for others not just family  now i need care thought i had friends but i dont.  been waiting 5 years to see a government dentist cos i tried to get more resources etc dont know wht the govt told the office but as i said ive been waitng 5 years.   Im tired and  i hurt , and i fear the future  so much I feel sick.  others my age are looking to retirement im not i dont have superannuation , carers only get 3.50 an hour 

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