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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Want to turn my back on him

I’m really struggling with a sibling with schizophrenia. He are adament they are not sick and that it’s the government controlling the doctors to give this diagnosis. 

When medicated it’s a lot better, he still believes his delusions but he can control the irrational behaviour. 

He went of his meds and relapsed dramatically 

his back on them but I think he needs to be hospitalised because they aren’t working. 

But his refusing to go back for treatment. I know his going to end up dead on the path his going. 

This has been ongoing for 5 years now, constant relapsing, hospitals and the stupid bloody stories! I can’t deal with it anymore!! I’m so done! 


Re: Want to turn my back on him

I sympathise. Get help, get more help, it's too big for one person or even a family working together. Maybe there is a longer acting medication? Doctors will know. That may help to stabelise. Do what you can but then go & live your life. You deserve your own life too.

Re: Want to turn my back on him

Sending love @ItsMe19 Heart Sounds like a challenging situation Smiley Sad Please make sure you're looking after yourself amongst this, and I hope things improve!

Re: Want to turn my back on him

@ItsMe19 Are you feeling any better about things?

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