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Something’s not right


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

she called them and they told her to do some mandala, so they where not helpful, i spoke to her for over an hour until she went to sleep, what is the proccess you need to go throug hto get into a new psychologist? i want to try to help her find a new one


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis


checking in to see how you and your partner going  Heart

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi my dear friend, 


im taking it day by day, my partner is really unwell, it is becomming difficult to keep her safe. i am doing all i can.


i have got my emotions back under control but i still get upset when she struggles so so much. they have her on so many medications she is having problems with ballance and memory. 


it is a hard road, but as you know it is worht it for the ones we love.


hugs my dear friend. im always thinking of you 



Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hugs my @Jacques 

sitting with you and your partner xx

remember to look after you too-- ( I need to remember that too )

always thinking of you too xx

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