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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Partner with schitzoaffective disorder

Hello. This is my first post so bare with me.


My long term partner whom i love more than anything has Schitzoaffective Disorder. Sometimes things get rough. I imagine it quite like waves, going up and down, because that in truth is how it is.


We both struggle, with the disorder and i have issues (not as bad). I am finding it really hard to help when there is next to no support for those who are partners, friends or family of those with this disorder.


Sometimes you look at him and you wouldnt even know something like this is wrong. Then its like someone flicked a light switch and everything has gone to shit. If you blink, you miss the transition.


At the moment its at a bit of a depressive low. There has been times in the last few weeks when my partner has barely uttered three words to me. I dont know how to help. Rwcently there has been a change in medication, and the medication my partner is now on i dont agree with because i dont believe that it helps at all. I believe this medication (or there is a combo of 2) makes things 10000 times worse. My partner will not tell me the names of the medication that they currently take,  nor do i ever see them take the medicine. But my partner swears black and blue that they are taking it.


Recently they have also changed doctors and psychologists, so there is nothing really concrete about their treatment right now. I dont believe the doctors know what they are talking about half the time, the same with the psychologists. Again, my partner never tells me anything about what happens at these psychologist appointments and I dont want to push.


I just want to know how to help. How to cope myself and how to help my partner cope with it all.


Re: Partner with schitzoaffective disorder

Hello @INeedHelp  and welcome to the forums. 


Doing  things on your own = yikes.

Feeling helpless = how a lot of us carers feel

Getting support  = often necessary when our loved ones have a chronic condition.

Self care = the term used to ensure that we look after ourselves so that we are able to sustain the caring role, as carers we often neglect ourselves.


There are supports out there for carers, just a matter of knowing where they are and how to access them - Carers Australia is a good starting point and there are a number of mental health support services too for both carers and patients.


If you let me know what state you are in, I might be able to give you some links to other services. 


The Carer Gateway also has services, I have found that I needed to filter out a lot of results that were not applicable to my own situation.  Here is a link and you will find a search bar for services toward the bottom of the page


There are some changes coming in relation to carer support later this year and I know Carers Australia are hosting information sessions regarding this - here is the Govt link.



Re: Partner with schitzoaffective disorder

Hi @INeedHelp, welcome to the forum, we are sorry to hear that you feel like there's no support for you. You have come to the right place for information regarding looking after yourself and your long term partner. You mention that your partner has changed doctors/psychologist - was this something that happened out of the blue? Are you able to ask your doctor if they can recommend someone to help your long term partner? 

Re: Partner with schitzoaffective disorder

Hi there. I’m sorry I can’t help you but I know exactly what you’re feeling. My beautiful partner suffers from schitzoaffective too. And it’s really rough. I feel as though I’m walking on eggshells waiting for what will happen next. It’s so unpredictable. I kid myself that when things are good (which they are lots of the time) that maybe the worst is over. I know that’s not true tho and the waves roll and tumble again. Please take care of yourself. You’re not alone. And your love is important. 

Re: Partner with schitzoaffective disorder

How are you going @INeedHelp ?

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