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Something’s not right


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

yes have to stay away from maritaged sauces @eth 

mum is having pains in her right side today Smiley Sad

have to see how she goes xx @Adge , @greenpea , @frog , @Sherry , @Darcy 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello @eth , @Adge , @greenpea , @frog , @Sherry , @Dec , @Determined , @Appleblossom , @Mrsjones 


just had the biggest talk to my cousin tonight about our mums

my mum is 88 and her mum is 82 Heart

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hi @Shaz51 


Did that chat with your cousin go well? I hope so - geez - your Mum and your auntie aren't much older than I am - I'm past the middle of my 70s - and I know what people say about only feeling our age but I sure feel mine this morning


Your Mum is a battler though - and I'm sorry she is in pain again - my guess is she doesn't want to see a doctor


I wish you the best with that though - and hey - I might be feeling every year of my life right now but I am in a good frame of mine - it's just harder to hold it up today



7516cute-sad-owl-portrait-big-eyes.jpgI'm tired too - and feel I might have the bleakies

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

ohhh hugs my second mum @Dec HeartHeart


I will be away from the 26th to the 31st december , but going to take my laptop with me , so I can connect with the forum , fingers crossed Smiley Very Happy


today , cleaned for 6 hours and boy i am sooooo sore , walking with a limp

my Scoliosis is bad this afternoon Smiley Sad

home at 2-30pm and now relaxing

had some rain here last night and today -- yaaaaaaa

@eth, @Adge , @greenpea , @frog , @Darcy , @Determined , @Appleblossom , @Smc , @outlander 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

@Shaz51 @greenpea  Agree re the gallbladder comments on fatty food making it worse - MsS had her gallbladder removed a few years back after a few super painful attacks and lots of stones - even an ambulance was called as I wasn't home and pain was that bad ... however since removal of gall bladder soooo much better ... highly recommend you take up removal if they offer it based on our limited  experience .. sending you hig hugs Shaz as living with pain is so tiring 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

im glad your relaxing now @Shaz51 you've done lots of work today

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Many days I felt like I had not done enough til I was aching all over.


Time to rest up.



Re: Not sure what to do !!!

very true @Appleblossom 

we are both aching today

only cleaned mum`s house this morning and her washing

and the afternoon off

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello @Appleblossom , @outlander , @Sophie1 , @Dec , @eth , @Determined , @Darcy , @greenpea , @Smc , @Adge , @Jacques , @PeppiPatty , @Sherry 


mum is good , looking forward to have her 100th birthday party ( she is 88 now)

I have puffy feet tonight from my ( kidney disease or diabetes ) ???

ohh they are sore Smiley Sad

mum wants to have more plants around her -- and mr shaz is saying nooooooo

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hello my good friend @Shaz51  💕


Good on your Mum on looking forward to having her 100th birthday, and a telegram from the Queen, etc.  Its great that she is feeling well enough to be doing that.  She must be feeling much more positive than she has been previously.


Oh Shaz ... puffy feet?  You need to sit down and put your feet up ... literally.  Elevate them.  Puffy feet or legs are a common sign of kidney or heart failure.  With your history, its likely an indication that your kidneys are struggling.  But it would be good if you mentioned it to your GP or nephrologist next time you see them.  


I think its nice that your Mum wants more of a garden around her.  Yes it will be more work, but its worth it to have a happy Mum.  I guess Mr Shaz only sees the work side of things, rather than the many benefits of a nice garden.  He wanted a concrete jungle didnt he?  Or did I get that wrong?  Surely there can be a happy medium with a small easy care garden bed or two which your Mum can tend to as best she can, while she can.  With a little help from you and Mr Shaz of course. 😊


Have you recovered from your busy weekend of visitors last weekend?


Hi @Appleblossom @Dec @Sophie1 @outlander @Darcy 


Sherry 💕

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