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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

My brother- something not right

I have always said to my mum that there is some things not right with my brother. He is almost 18 now and i think he needs help. I think he has mental health issues.
He also smokes pot and drinks and sometimes on meth.

Mum works away and my bother is left on his own for 2 weeks. Tonight he has just balled his eyes out to me and he hates his life....tbat he wants to die and is suicidal. A fortnight before that he had already tried to k*...himslef. But it didnt work.

I want to try and help my brother the best i can and get him the right help. He need help. He wont take any medication. Because we had tried that before and he didnt take them.

I just dont what to do

I love my brother so much and it would hurt me so much if anything happened to him

I cant keep watching him all the time but i always keep in contact with him. We are very close.

I just know what else to do or what services are out the in wa for people under 18


Re: My brother- something not right

Headspace ... but WA is a big place.

Sorry to hear about your brother @Bubbles3 It is one of the hardest things to endure watching a younger sib going through that kind of stuff.


Re: My brother- something not right

Hi @Bubbles3


Sounds like things are really tough with your brother at the moment. He is lucky to have a sister who cares so much about him. Headspace could be a good place to start as they have centres all over Australia. The Kids Helpline may also be useful as they support people up to age 25. Mental Illness Fellowship also offers services to youths.


Hang in there and don't forget to look after yourself as well Smiley Happy

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