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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Autism and Depression

Hi Everyone, 

My younger brother who is 20 years old had mild Autism as a child. He was always active, playing, laughing and social. 
As he has grown into his late teens/ young adult he has become a very angry, serious and anti social person. He plays video games all day /night, hardly ever leaves the house. Does not have any desire to work or study. 
My worry for him gets worse as it goes by. I am worried about his behavior. He is non threatening but its not the way someone so young should deal with. 
Our parents are old school and dont understand depression and such, which leaves minimal support. Leaving this to myself. 
Does this sound like depression? How can I offer to get him help if he shows no desire to seek help or shows hatred to so many things and will probably think its stupid. 
Please help. 

Re: Autism and Depression

@Jyah3196 Hi Jyah3196 and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy. I have a 24 year old son with autism amongst other problems. I think (I stress think) your first point of call would be your parents. Voicing your concern after that going to your family gp would be another point of call. 


It is not uncommon for people with autism to experience depression for a multitude of reasons it might well be the case with your brother. I am not a medico it would be up to someone like a psychologist or psychiatrist to give that diagnosis. Maybe something else is going on? this is where a professional is needed. I am jumping the gun here start with your parents and then your gp at the end of the day it is your brother's life you cannot live it for him. I hope this helps a bit greenpea

Re: Autism and Depression

Welcome to the forums @Jyah3196

I can hear how much you care about your brother in your words. It's worrying when we see changes like that somebody we love. You've done the right thing in noticing those warning signs and reaching out for support.

As @greenpea mentioned, it could be worth raising your concerns with your parents and chatting to your GP for support. You might also like to check in with your brother and reflect the things you've noticed in him, and ask him how things have been. He might be a bit dismissive at first (that's really normal), however it might just plant the seed by letting him know you're there to talk when he fels ready.

eheadspace, held a group chat session on recognising the warning signs and supporting young men in seeking help. There might be some useful info there worth a read over. You can also contact eheadspace for some further support and guidance around understanding what's going on for your brother and supporting him to connect with some support. 

Hope that helps @Jyah3196

Re: Autism and Depression

to diagnose depression either of the two core symptoms has to present these are loss of interest to pleasurable activity and feeling of depressed and additional symptoms difficulty of sleeping, loss of concentration,guilty feelings,loss of energy, loss of appetite,physical inactivity and suicidal thoughts and in major depression majority of the syptoms will occure but in your case he does not want to leave the room, engage in only one activity which is playing games, irritability so for sure these are symptoms of autism and i do not think he has depression even mild one so what you need to do is distract him from only one activity like inviting him to paint, play with toys and try to change his consistent thought by giving him ideas which may lead him to pleasant activity

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