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hello I'm new

This is my first visit here. It seems like a good place for me. I can identify with alot of what I have read.
My friend of many years is diagnosed Schizophrenia, and I have felt very alone at times, even more so in his company, it is hard to think I even exist to him at times. ( I want to believe that I do.)
I have also struggled with the concept that I am in a domestic abuse relationship - I have alot of lonely days.
That is all for my first post. I am glad I found this forum. Thank u for reading.


Re: hello I'm new

Hi @maddison,

Thanks for contributing your first post. Welcome to the Forums!

Just letting you know that I've responded to one of your posts here. It might be good to steer the conversation that way, seeing there's more of your story on that thread. Smiley Happy 

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