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Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

I would love to know when I have done the right amount - I so easily overdo ------ ahhh me too @Dec , like on friday , i was cribbled from cleaning in the afternoon


a migrating pain like yours Shaz could be a build up of urea -- I am sure it is but it is not high enough so the specialist reacons , should keep a pain diary maybe xx


yes totally relaxing at home @Dec , @Darcy , @Sherry Smiley Very Happy

just rang my mum xx

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Awww @Shaz51 ... I didnt realise this trip away coincided with your anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Shaz. 🌹

Was this also a volunteer function?  I have two invitations to lunches associated with my volunteer duties.  Unlikely I will get to go though as both of them clash with other medical commitments.  I have been volunteering here now for just over 10 years and they give certificates for 5 years service and then 10 years service.  Which I suppose is nice recognition. I'm glad you and your Mum have received the recognition that you both deserve.


No Shaz I dont think Mr Sherry experiences any aches and pains specific to his chronic kidney disease. But his kidney function is not as low as yours is.  Its possible your aches and pains are as a result of a build up of toxins in the blood. Toxins which are normally eliminated through the kidneys.  It could be urea specifically, but I would think its more likely a build up of potassium which could cause those symptoms.  I'd suggest you talk to  your kidney specialist about that though, because I am only guessing.  It could also be too much phosphates buiding up.  But more likely the potassium.  Have you been eating lots of bananas lately?  😊  Have you discussed these aches and pains with your endocrinologist?  I dont know, its possible its related to diabetes.  Lots of possibilities really.  


Hi @Dec  ... nice to see you there.  Lovely reading your beautiful posts all around the forums. 💜


Sherry 💕

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hi @Sherry @Shaz51 


Thanks Sherry  - that is a really lovely comment - I have only got on-line late today - and I have been enjoying being around the forum more - it's really helpful for me - and I am glad you enjoy what I write


I didn't catch that it was your anniversary Shaz - so Happy Anniversary - it was great that you had this night away


I did a lot of volunteer work in the past and I have two certificates for doing volunteer work and it is really great to be acknowledged. That's not why we do it - but is a good thing for it to not just be done but seen to be done


As Sherry says it would be a good idea to see your specialist about the migrating pain - yes I know - you might have to restrict your diet more which would be boring - I understand



Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

you are totally right @Sherry , I will bring it up at my next appt with my endoand kidney specialist

I have proteinurea which the toxins are going around the body more xoxo

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

Hi @Shaz51 

Trust you have a wonderful time with your visitors. Enjoy.

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

sorry @Darcy  this weekend coming xx 7th and the 8th for the visitors

got a phone call from MIL telling me who is arriving when this week

I spend the day in bed on sunday from experiencing gall bladder attack since saturday night -- arrrggggg

mum wants me to see a doctor about it

today we clened 4hours at one house and another 2 hours at the next house

soooo tired now, with aircon on and took some panadol

brought home mum`s washing

@Dec, @Sherry , @Adge , @Appleblossom , @Smc , @Determined 


Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

A bit more time up your sleeve = yay @Shaz51 


Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

yes true @Darcy 

how was your weekend , and how are you and mr @Darcy  xxxx

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness

@Darcy  my step S2 has become the second in change chef Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

@Dec, @Sherry , @Adge , @Appleblossom@outlander , @Determined , @greenpea 

Re: Ups and Downs of Husband`s Mental Illness



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