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Support for delusion disorder


i am new to this forum as I need support and chat to people who are affected by mental illness in their family. I feel that other people can't relate if they're not affected. 

My sis is on medication for depression but have also been showing symptoms of delusion. I encouraged her to see a doctor as she hasn't been for ages but refuses to as she thinks she is fine. I don't know what to do and I know no one else can do anything either as I cannot drag her or she will get angry. 

I am just frustrated and really drained and need to be part of a forum that understands. I am also scared of her future and feel like I'm living in fear of what might happen. 

I wish it was another illness - it's very distressing and want to know how you all cope. 

Thank you 


Re: Support for delusion disorder

Hi @Steffie,

First of all, Welcome to the Forums! Smiley Happy Sorry it has taken a while for someone to reply to your post. If you have come here to chat to people affected by mental illness, and to hear about their experiences, you have definitely come to the right place!

It is so difficult when a family member is refusing to seek help, and there are delusions that may be affecting this process. In this vein, it is understandable that you are scared for your sister's future, but also feeling like you need support as well - your feelings and self-care is important in all of this too! You can definitely reach out for support for both yourself and your sister, here on the forum.

Given what you have said, I have linked some threads you may be interested to read or comment on below: (1) "Refusing Treatment. How does it make you feel?" by @Eden1919; (2) "Help" by @Hopeless; (3) "Brief Psychotic Break? - Delusions" by @Nikolai; and (4) How I came out of the delusional way of thinking without medication - An experience of an individual" by @Dan.


I hope you find these threads somewhat helpful and that you link in with some forum members who have an understanding of what you are going through.


Kindest Regards,


Re: Support for delusion disorder

Thank you so much for the links. Really helpful. I appreciate it. It helps to know we are not alone in this challenge and hope we can continue to support each other. 

Re: Support for delusion disorder

Hi @Steffie,

Just wondering how things are going with your sister since you last posted?

Do you have support for yourself? There are organisations that offer support to family and friends of people living with mental illness including Carers Australia, Mind and the Mental Illness Fellowship.

Please feel free to share your story here. There is always someone here to listen, even if you don't get replies right away.

Re: Support for delusion disorder

My apologies. I did reply to this thread but realised it did not publish it. 

Thank you so much for checking in. I really appreciate it and it made me feel the support I needed even though this is done via online. That week was very emotional for me and my wall broke down. She is a lot better after that week and have been mostly good, but there are things we are working on to manage it better.  She is not in the extreme case and never been in hospital which I'm thankful for and she functions well most of the time, but I'm always in fear it will get worse because of the things I read. I feel like I'm living in this fear. 

I am sorry that I'm not very specific about the details as I'm very protective of her. My wish is to educate people more about the different types of mental illness, how to recognise them,  how to deal with them with compassion and understanding when someone is suffering (whether it's someone you bump into or work with) and how to remove the stigma. It took me years to understand it and deal with it myself. 

I appreciate the stories everyone shares as it makes you feel you're not alone. Thank you again for checking in and for the support x

Re: Support for delusion disorder

hi @Steffie and welcome to the forums 

how are you going today? 


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