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Senior Contributor

Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

My mum had a fall 2 1/2 weeks ago smack bang onto her hip.  She was

sent off to X-ray which didn’t show a break so she was sent home.  


A couple of days later I insisted that something had been missed and she was sent for a CT.  (Dr got $hitty as hell that I would question him - which I do a lot). Still no break so we were sent home.  This Dr had not yet done a physical exam.


A few days later I take mum through A & E and insist once again that they have missed something as she is in excruciating pain and can’t walk.  A different Dr examined mum and admitted her to hospital - treating her for muscle pain.  At this point in time I give her old Dr the ar$e and she now has a new Dr.  (The old Dr

refused to do xrays for 2 weeks earlier in the year after a fall, after I insisted rather strongly he sent her for a CT to shut me up and found a fractured pelvis and 2 fractures in a vertebrae.)


One week in hospital and she is worse than before she went in.  Yesterday I discharged her and drove her almost 300kms to a city hospital.  She was re X-rayed and today went into surgery to repair her BROKEN HIP.


Old people, especially those that have dementia like my mum just aren’t listened to and when we speak out on their behalf we are made to feel like we are complete idiots and a nuisance.  This time, the more I was ignored the louder I became and I’m so glad I did.  I know my mother more than any Dr does and my instincts have always proven me right.


Dont think the “smart educated” people always know better.  If no one is listening, start talking LOUDER and stand your ground.  I’m so glad I did, I just wish I’d done it 2 weeks ago.



Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

ohhhh my darling @Razzle 

sooo glad you spoke up and kept going xoxo

my mum broke her hip in february , we were in our small town hospital for 7 hours before they sent her on a 60kms trip to the big hospital and then had a x-ray to say it was broken and then the next dayafter lunch to go into surgery for her hip

soo sending you understanding hugs xxxx

is she having sergury today xx

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

@Shaz51   Ambulance drove her 60kms to a bigger town for X-ray the day she fell - I had to drive her home.


I had to drive her 60kms to that same town for a CT then home again.


Yesterday I drove her almost 300kms to a city where they operated on her

today.  She hasn’t had a full replacement, she has had a

procedure called a Dynamic Hip Screw, so a pin, plate and a few screws to hold it all together. 


Surgery went well  so hopefully on the

road to recovery now.

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

awwwww @Razzle , make sure she has theraphy for her hip

and a home transition team for her when she goes home, it should be 12 weeks of care at home  xoxo

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

@Shaz51   We’re here for the duration of her recovery - and then when we get

home my daughter is in charge of her rehab.  She is an Exercise Physiologist and her job at a private clinic is to rehab post hip surgery - she also does Parkinson’s,’road accidents, assorted broken bones etc, so we have our own in house therapist.  She’s in good hands now

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

that is soo good @Razzle HeartHeart

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

@Razzle  Hi Razzle years ago when my son2 would have been no more than 7 he was having what I believed to be hallucinations and delusions. I believed at the time he had childhood schizophrenia. One pdoc agreed with me another called it 'weird and wonderfuls' he made me feel like a total idiot. I wish I could scream his name so that all the parents of young children experiencing similar happenings would run a mile when they came across him. 


Any way here we are my son does have schizophrenia and was officially diagnozed at 16 because childhood schizophrenia is so rare doesnt mean that your child doesnt have it.

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

@greenpea   We know our families better than anyone, Drs, medical staff, councillors - ANYONE.  


It is so frustrating that our concerns are brushed aside because they think they know better.  


Im pretty sure our small town Drs won’t be so quick to dismiss me next time.


You would know your son better than anyone, imagine how better yourself and your son would have been if his diagnosis was made years earlier.

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

@Razzle, how is your mum today xoxo

Re: Sometimes, you just have to yell LOUDER

Hi @Shaz51   Massive improvements here since her op.  She is now on the rehab floor, due to start rehab Monday.


She is now considered independent mobility, so if I’m in the room she can get herself up and go to the toilet without a nurse supervising.  Her pain levels are much improved too.


She has been pretty confused but thats

normal considering what she’s gone through and with the drugs still in her system.


She is doing really well, just need to get through her rehab and we’ll be

heading home in a week or 2.

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