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Casual Contributor

Schizophrenia Carer Support

Does anybody know if there is any support system or groups for families of people with schizophrenia in South Australia?  This is an extremely good site but I wish there was more support in the community for this dreadful disease that does not just affect the sufferer but is devastating and frightening to those around them.  


Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Hi @Beebee 


Depends where you are in SA. 


Not sure if Grow have anything in person for carers in SA (they do in Victoria) but believe they have an e-grow group which provides support for MH carers.


Skylight (was dedicated MH and $$ to go to some of their services - might be worthwhile calling as things may have changed) and Carers South Australia (included but not dedicated MH - offer free counseling) both were recently awarded Govt contracts to provide carer services. Carers SA offer carer catch up groups.

Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

How are you going @Beebee ?

Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Hi @Beebee


In addition to others' replies, registering with the NDIS can provide funding for various types of supports for daily activities includig transport, support worker/carer to replace carer, home visiting psychologists, etc. and capacity building funding for your loved one to engage socially. Yep, the NDIS has a bit of paperwork upfront, but if you go down that track make sure you get "support coordination" included in the NDIS plan. A support coordinator does all the research to find service providers e.g. carers, support workers, transport, social activities or whatever you requested in the NDIS plan.

I'm meeting a couple of support coordinators this week and hoping it works out.

All the best

Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Thank you very much for your help Darcy.  I tried Grow a couple of weeks ago but found it did not cater to the carer which was quite understandable.  I have had a lot of luck with Skylight and the Carers Association.  Bit late for this year's activities but have signed up for next year.  Very much appreciated your help.

Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Thank you so much Abjhai for your time.  I will certainly look into it..  Many thanks again.

Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Hello @Beebee 

I would love to respond to your post when I have more time.

I limit my time on the forums as part of my self-care.

I have a common situation with you and will respond when I can.

Please tag me if you don't mind. ...when you next post

You are doing well through hard times and I am happy for you that you have found sane forums where you can vent and relate to others with their own unique struggles.


Re: Schizophrenia Carer Support

Hello @Beebee 

A quick reply.

Skylight the organisation and website that Darcy mentioned is about the sum of it. 

Courses cost as well.

Grow I tried and found the same as you..participants there about their own mental health.

It was also far too structured for me..on a par with a religious type group as their were readings from a particular book. This part seemed to take up the majority of the session. I went on an outing and felt overwhelmed listening to all of the issues of others there with their unwell minds. Helpful for them not for me even though I have my own mind struggles. (I do not like the term mental health) 

Only thing I like about it is that it makes me think of the band..mental as anything..


I feel exactly like you in as much as having a family member my situation...diagnosed after detainment in psyche ward.. How can someone give a diagnosis after meeting a few times. My family member is far too clever and is very guarded with answers..In fact coming across as quite well and composed.

This family member (I need to use this title as person has been on these worst fear came true) I am respecting their privacy and rights.

Said family member believes that everyone else is unwell who raises the topic. Is not seeing a specialist of any kind. Is not on any medication as is well in own mind. Makes perfect sense actually stepping away and looking at whole scenario from another perspective.. Has only had involuntary depot injections..

When the sickness talks it is frightening and I have to set personal boundaries when subject becomes too much to listen to.

For me I think that I have worked out a way of reaching my member then the pathway is suddenly different. A protective ..reactive response...So I have to listen carefully and come up with new strategies. constantly..

Keep on writing on here and even look into skylight which will be next year now.

NDIS only available if person with illness wants to go down that pathway.

Mine would not have a bar of it as feels not applicable as is well.


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