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New Contributor


Hi I have a son of 26 who has. Been diagnosed with paranoid schizafrenia He has been in the public mental health unit for 2 months now and has changed his medication 3 times
He is so drugged up and 8 still don't think he is on the right meds
He has suffered for about 9 years I worry a lot about when he comes out of hospital as to how we will cope as a family any help or support groups in Perth


Re: Schizafrenia

Hi @patticake101 


It's always overwhelming to try and plan for discharge - particularly if you feel he's so unwell.

Do you have an indication of when he is going to come home?

Often finding the right medications can take months, so please don't lose hope. I'm not sure what you think about it, but I think it's really good that he's under supervision while they are trying to get the meds right.

Does your son realise he's unwell, or is he unable to recognise it?


In terms of support groups, ARAFMI WA is a helpful start. They are an organisation that are specifically for carers of people with mental health difficulties.

I think it's really proactive of you to think about how you and the family will manage on his return. The forums are a great bunch of people in similar situations - so I hope you continue to use the forums as one way of coping.

Are there any other members who've had to care for someone after hospitalisation? Any tips?

Re: Schizafrenia

Hi patticake

It is often a scary thing when someone you love is diagnosed with a mental illness, you then enter an alien world with language you may not understand and everyone loses some control.

I work for Arafmi, an organisation throughout Australia working with carers who look after someone with a mental health illness. In WA we provide counselling with qualified counsellors - face to face or telephone. We are located in Perth, Whitfords, Midland, Rockingham, Mandurah, Fremantle, Broome, Canarvon & Port Hedland. In the city areas we run support groups, workshops and other supports. We also have Peer Workers & Advocates, a Youth Services Section which provide support for children aged 8 years up, all of which we use to suit an individuals requirements.

I  would encourage you to ring and talk with one of our counsellors to assist you in providing you with support. Very often carers forget to look after themselves and you are so important in the life of the person you are caring for.

Please look at our website or call the office in your state - here in Perth it is 9427 7100 and we would be pleased to see what support we can offer you.

Remember you are not alone.




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