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Casual Contributor

Round 2

Hi first time posting here. My beautiful 23 year old daughter has just been admitted a few days ago the first time was about 3 years ago where she was suffering a drug induced psychosis then later diagnosed with Schizophrenia she did well under CTO and on her monthly injections for about 18 months then my mother was given a terminal diagnosis and it hit us all hard my daughter stopped Meds and started using substances again. I have watched her mental health decline and have felt helpless we are both also grieving for my mum. Wednesday shit hit the fan and I knew if I got her to hospital they would have to admit her she is in high care and I don't think she will be able to leave for some time. Thank goodness because I can't care for her the way she needs. We have a family meeting with the Drs today to see what the plan is. The system sucked 1st time round and I feel like I have to be the one to demand help and support for her. Thanks for reading hugs to all the struggling parents x

Senior Contributor

Re: Round 2

I am so sorry to hear what a awful time you are going through @Anxiousmum. There is nothing worse than watching someone we love going through this and feeling so helpless. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and being an advocate for your daughter. And I guess sometimes we have to accept that is all we can do. It doesn't take away the pain though.

Sending you good thoughts and I hope she gets the help she needs - and you get some peace and time to grieve for your own Mum.


Re: Round 2

Thanks for taking the time to respond x
Senior Contributor

Re: Round 2

Hello Smiley Happy

@Anxiousmum thank you for your first post and a big welcome to the forums.

You sound like are juggling a lot at the moment, I'm sorry to hear of your loss of your mum and your experience of the system first time round. I'm really hoping that your experience is more positive and productive this time round. 

How did your family metting go with the Drs? 

How are things for your daughter at the moemtn after a few days of treatment?

Pebbles Robot LOL 

Re: Round 2

Drs meeting was a long in depth history of my daughter from pregnancy to now. The plan was to try no medications and see how she was now they realize she needs the anti psychiatric drugs. She was presenting very well till the last few days now she has started talking about different delusional thoughts and is not coping and sleeping. I have had a good friend come to stay for a few days to give me a hand with my other 3 children which is a huge relief.

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