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New Contributor

New to SANE

Hi, I've have recently learnt my son has been feeling suicidal, anxious , depressed and mildly paranoid. He has also told me of risk taking behaviour with drugs.He came home to me for a short break during which time I got him to a GP and an assessment with a mental health team. He has now moved back to his share house which I am finding very hard as I am so worried about him and his safety although he assures me he'll phone if he feels suicidal.
I am wanting to know if anyone has had experience with the PACE clinic at ORYGEN Youth and whether you would recommend it?


Re: New to SANE

We had a reasonable experience with Orygen but were in a different section. There was a bit of staff turn around that wasnt useful .. but they all meant well ... My son is too old for them now.

Good Luck with them. 

If your son says he will call you if he is suicidal .. that is a huge credit to you as mum .. and believe that he wont get too out of control .. best not think of worst case scenarios .. keep connection as much as possible.

Re: New to SANE

Hi @SeasideMum1,

Welcome to the SANE Forums! Its really great that you are talking about it and reaching out for support, family and people who care are almost always the ones who get lost in the picture

hopefully you have someone supporting you? 

I have heard good things about OrygenYouth but everyones experience can be different as we all have our own needs, hopefully that can be helpful for your son and your family. Have you been in contact with headspace as well? They also have a lot of experience with youth

I know that a number of other people on here are caring for children ie @mia1@Barbaraand family members @Pamina who have other people contacted? what has helped? 

Re: New to SANE

Hi @SeasideMum1


How are things travelling now? 

It must be hard not having him around and worrying. 

@Fancy_Pants made a great suggestion of Headspace. There's also which is a website for young people which contains information, referrals and advice. Maybe you could download some factsheets or information for him to read. Perhaps it will increase his understanding.


It's great you got him to the GP and for an assessment. What was the outcome of that?


Re: New to SANE

Thank you for your support.

My son wasn't accepted into Orygen but is two sessions in with a psychologist and medication seems to have kicked in. Early days but definitely some improvements.

I'm struggling however as he's unwilling to share his assessment results and so I have no idea as to whether he was found to be at risk of developing psychosis. He's also shut me out from talking to him about his mental health. Walking on eggshells here.

Fortunately he is talking to other family members.

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