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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi all, 

My name is Jay and after lots of despair and googling, I stumbled across a post on here that made me cry with relief thinking I'm not alone. My partner was diagnosed with bipolar ii a couple of years ago. At that time we weren't together but had been prior - the relationship ended with her drug use and infidelity prior to diagnosis. We reconciled just after the diagnosis and things had been much better but right now there seems to be a down cycle in progress and when that happens she can be mean, drink more, and treat me more like a maid than a partner. Sometimes I feel like I'm being gaslighted with some of the behaviour and I've often wondered what was wrong with me to provoke such vitriol... I love her deeply, and intellectually I understand what's happening but emotionally it's really hard... I'd love to hear tips on how not to take the outbursts so personally 😥

Re: Introduce yourself here

hello and welcome @Jay-e 

my husband is diagnosed with bipolar 11 and other diagnosis '

will tag you to a couple of thread that may be helpful 'remember yo are niot alone my friend xxx

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Shaz51 that would be amazing thank you so much! There's so much content it can get a bit overwhelming! And thank you for the reassurance xx

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Jay-e  it can be very Overwhelming my friend , I have been there , I have found it at times but keep on keeping on my friend xxx

Re: Introduce yourself here

@outlander After a well needed weekend away I’ve made contact attempts to get help for myself. Hopefully NewAccess is the start to some positive change. Thank you for all your suggestions!

@outlander wrote:

Hi @Ilovemygrandma and welcome
Caring for someone can be really tiring physically and mentally for sure. Its good youve identified that your burnt out along with the symptoms too.

Im wondering if you have looked into some support for yourself? Having someone there for you to help you cope might be good.

Carers australia  and your gp are good places to start in getting support for both yourself and for your mother as well.

I am classed as a young carer as well so know how tough it wouldve been when you started out too esp with lack of supports from those who should be helping out such as family. I dont have family that help either. It has to suit them as to when they want to help out rather then when its needed most. 

Are there any services that specifically deal with the condition your mother has ie we have a dementia support worker which helps me due to my pop having that. Maybe there will be a service you can consult with in helping you out too.


Re: Introduce yourself here

I hope the ball gets rolling quite quickly @Ilovemygrandma so you can get those supports in place

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone,


I decided to join this forum because I'm feeling pretty isolated and alone at the moment. I'm going through some difficult things, and I don't really have any sort of support system around me.

Three random facts about me;

1) I love animals 

2) I play video games
3) I recently joined a martial arts club

Re: Introduce yourself here

hello @Sunnyblue , @Ilovemygrandma , @Jay-e 

how are you today xxx

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Shaz51 thanks for checking in! Things have calmed down considerably the last couple of days thank goodness. Unfortunately she got to her appointment with her psych yesterday only to be told that it had been cancelled though no one had contacted her about it. But I'm proud of her for getting there nonetheless, and going back again in the afternoon for GP review. Not particularly happy with the practice, she saw a dr she hasn't seen before and was accused of drug-seeking because on top of everything she's having flare ups with her back pain. But she stuck it out and was quiet last night but calm - even managed to crack a few jokes about the mess I make while cooking lol so that's heartening 🙂

Re: Introduce yourself here

hello @Jay-e @Sunnyblue and welcome
please feel free to have a look around and join in where you like. you can create a thread for yourself too if you would like.

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