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New on forum


I’m a mum to 3 children, my eldest who just turned 18 is suffering from several mental illnesses. ASD, OCD, BDD,SA and Depression. 

Recently , his psychiatrist admitted him to a psychiatric hospital as he is suicidal and his depression was severe , my son went in volunteeringly- well at first . 

I’m struggling emotionally with having him admitted he’s in an adult ward and is one of the youngest ones there by about 20 years , he is 18 with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old . I feel so so sad and guilty whenever I visit him and leave and he said she wants  to go home. 

Would love to hear from anyone who has been in similar situations. 

Thank you 

Re: New on forum

This hasn’t been my experience @Tess73, but I wanted to stop in and say hello, and welcome to the forums.   It sounds really hard, but it also sounds like he is in the right place to receive the help he needs.  Take courage and take care .... I am glad you found us here, and I look forward to chatting with you more.


The fact that your son is young on the ward indicates that he is getting early-intervention support, so hopefully that will bring him into a more stable life earlier than the older patients around him.



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @Tess73 

When a patient is being treated involuntarily, there is a feeling of powerlessness that can happen and open communication is best practice. Often treatment orders are the "ICU" of psychiatric treatment as often conditions have deteriorated to the degree that if left untreated are life threatening.  Hopefully your son has given the pdocs permission for them to speak to you about his condition, I know I would have had a lot less angst on my side had I been more assertive at the time in saying "I don't understand why ... can you explain" . I found it important to back the treating team but also to ensure Mr Darcy knows I am on his team and will advocate for him when appropriate to do so. 


I found it necessary to understand my states mental health act, readily accessible on line and I urge you to do the same.  Your son will have been given a statement of his rights, you may also have been given these.  These will set out what you can do should you feel he is not being appropriately treated or if the need for a treatment order is thought unwarranted.


Re: New on forum

@Faith-and-Hope @Thank you for your msg. Never thought of it that way regarding his age and early intervention . Gives me a more positive outlook about the experience thank you .

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Darcy @some great information there that I will definitely look into now . Thank you 

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Tess73 Welcome!

I've been thru what you are currently facing. Happy to help in anyway. Self care is really important. I still care for my son with an acute mh illness. My daughter and myself have suffered because of my son's illness. Please ask whatever you like...

take care

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thank you @Dadcaringalone  it’s a relief knowing I’m not alone in this. It’s  Heartbreaking when your child is going through this mental torment and you feel almost powerless to help them out of it ... 

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Peace17 @Libra Thanks so much for your respective posts. I haven't been able to bring myself to fully express how hard those "glimpses" are to hold onto for my sister with paranoid schizophrenia. After the CTO in motion, we are still copping the same verbal "dialogue", the same rotating narratives and the same lies and it kinda makes me go woah enough! Leaving me quite aware that you can only do the best you can, and then put on ur own oxygen mask before there's nothing left to give.


Re: Introduce yourself here

@Tess73 This shall pass Tess73 and you will come out the other end stronger than you ever thought! I know your heart is in the right place and it's tough when your loved-one are going through a mental health crisis. I like support groups with parents similar to myself and I regularly see a therapist. Are you getting support for yourself? The focus is often only on the loved-one going through the crisis not their carer. Take care and we are not far away if you need extra support or advice 

Re: Introduce yourself here

@KayB @Libra I agree but our hearts keep on giving. What gets me is when we are not with them they believe that we are happily getting on with our lives when really it is the exact opposite. They are at the forefront of all our thoughts and we are so emotionally drained that it affects us more than they could ever know.

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