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New Contributor

I am a wife/carer

My husband has dementia. I feel that I am being hypocritical in caring for him when I don’t really want to. 

I have been through  PTSD, alcohol issues and anger issues with him . I’ve tried to tell myself that it’s never been his fault  and he needs looking after. Now I have run out of caring. As soon as I feel it is possible I will put him in care.

everyone I read about whose family member has dementia or alzheimers refers to them as their loved one. I have run out of love. I feel guilty for feeling this way and think I am living a false life.

i want to be free and live life to the fullest while I can.


Re: I am a wife/carer

Welcome to the forums @Alexa, no judgement here. It's a lot more common for carers to feel resentment or a disconnection than you might think, so you're not alone Heart No one can be mad at you for wanting to live your life, it is a really tough situation to be in, feeling that responsibility and fighting with it internally while still not walking away. How are you doing? Are you taking time to care for yourself? As carers we sometimes let the stress or guilt wash over us and forget to take care of ourselves, but making time for mental/emotional health is really important.


Re: I am a wife/carer

Hello @Alexa , checking in to see how you are going and feeling my friend

hope you are ok


Re: I am a wife/carer

Checking in to see how you are @Alexa, let us know when you get the chance. Heart

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