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Re: new notifications list


Seems to be working here now also. Has been Intermittent here for a couple weeks where usually a refresh fixed things. All good now though here. 

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Re: new notifications list

@nashy @s-jay @Lauz 


It appears that notifications are not working again.  It is on the bell thing, but no email notifications are coming through for me this morning, despite a number of tags and subscribed thread activity.


Anyone else getting this today?




Re: new notifications list

Hi @Former-Member 


Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, this issue is linked to the platform provider of the forums and we are continuing to work closely with them to get this resolved but it's ongoing at the moment. Really sorry for that as we know this is frustrating- hope it maybe helps to know we are doing all we can in the background to get this resolved. 


Re: new notifications list

Hi @eth - just tagging you into here as the problem you are having with your notifications is linked to this ongoing issue that is still being investigated by our platform provider. 


We are so sorry that notifications issues still are appearing. We can 100% tell you that this issue has not and is not off our radar, our IT team are doing a stellar job to keep working with the platform provider to work out the cause of this problem as it's proving to be complex. We have found that the notifications go down for people at random and at random will fix itself up for people too. 


We super duper truly appreciate everyone's patience on this 🤩


Re: new notifications list

Hi all - just a little update. This issue is still being worked on by our platform provider, they are doing some maintenance work on the Notifications system and there might be delays and disruptions to the notifications system while they’re completing the maintenance. 


Aware that the issue its self is around delays of notifications so if the proble appears again just know this is being worked on! Again, we really appreciate your patience and understanding everyone!

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